Who we are

KOR Labs is a university spin-off dedicated to combating cyber threats, helping the Internet community collectively increase barriers to abuse as well as companies to increase the effectiveness of their network protection and countermeasures. Our team comprises security researchers with a strong academic track record and world-class expertise in cyber security and Internet technologies. We are passionate about investigating malicious activities and sharing knowledge and data with the technical and policy communities to prevent and mitigate cybercrime.

What we do

We mainly focus on the Domain Name System (DNS) abuse. We identify security vulnerabilities and notify administrators of vulnerable resources, sometimes before cybercriminals exploit them. We also work at reducing the so-called information asymmetry between cybercriminals (e.g., phishers) and Internet intermediaries, such as hosting providers, top-level domain (TLD) registries, and domain registrars by revealing factors driving abuse. For example, why do some registries suffer from higher concentrations of phishing or spam domains? Or in other words, why do cybercriminals choose to register malicious domain names with certain providers and not others. How can registrars or hosting providers develop their own anti-abuse best practices while balancing their own anti-abuse policies with economic incentives?

Our areas of expertise

DNS Abuse

We study various harmful activities that involve DNS, for example, botnets, phishing, malware, pharming, and spam.

Internet Measurements

We develop software and provide other tools to efficiently measure different aspects of Internet protocols.

Vulnerability Notifications

We identify security issues in the wild and regularly notify the owners of vulnerable resources.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We regularly collect data about and analyze ongoing cyber threats to understand current attack trends.

Economics of Cybersecurity

We study the social-economic side of cybersecurity to decrease information asymmetry.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We consult on risk assessment, threat management, vulnerability testing, and policy development.