KOR Labs

Turning Cybercrime Data into Intelligent Cyber Defence

Who we are?

KOR Labs is a start-up founded by two professors of Grenoble Institute of Technology with extensive track records in academia and world-class expertise in cybersecurity and Internet technologies.

The goal of KOR Labs is to provide data analytics and innovative tools for mitigating e-crime and improving the security of the Internet. Currently, several types of threats exist on the Internet: botnets, phishing sites, amplification nodes that enable DDoS attacks, DNS servers vulnerable to zone poisoning or domain name hijacking, and many others. KOR Labs seeks to counter DNS abuse by collecting different types of information on domain names serving malicious content.

What we do?

We develop tools based on AI algorithms that can classify seemingly malicious domain names by measuring the owner's intention for registering the domain. We propose a service to evaluate a proper configuration of SPF and DMARC extensions to avoid email spoofing and phishing attacks. Another KOR Labs service aims at searching for networks vulnerable to inbound IP address spoofing that enables DDoS attacks.

KOR Labs is an exceptional place where top research methods and tools meet industry needs for a safer Internet. We propose consulting services related to cybersecurity and domain name abuse. Our members are active in ICANN, M3AAWG, and APWG.

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